Breed Rescue

We have gained so much from our dogs that we try to give something back by working with and supporting the Breed Rescue to help those dogs in need.

When talking of "Rescue" the first thought in many people's mind is of a skeletal abused dog. Today we see dogs that need to be re-homed due to changes in circumstances, relationship break up, rented accommodation where landlords will not accept dogs but happily not so many "abuse" cases.

We also see a number of dogs that have become unruly and difficult to live with, most of these issues are caused by people who brought the dog for how it looks not for what it is.

Compounded by breeders who don't adhere to, or are ignorant of the Weimaraner Clubs guide lines for ownership

We should never lose site of some very basic rules that apply to greater or lesser degree to all dogs but to Weimaraner's in particular.

Dogs are "Pack" animals they need the companionship and security of a pack. They are born into a pack, live their first couple of months in a pack, then we take them away from everything they have known and on the first night leave them on their own? Worse often we become angry when they make a fuss or noise? To make ourselves feel better we give this behaviour a name "Separation Anxiety" it's true that many young dogs will adapt but just as many never will.

Modern life styles take little or no account of the dogs needs, so many dogs are shut into "Crates" while their owners go happily off to work, school, shopping or where ever; for hours on end. This to many owners is justified by telling themselves their dog is "safe" in reality they mean "my house is safe"

This behaviour removes the dog from its "Pack" isolates it from contact and when neighbours complain about noise its the dogs fault because it has "Seperation Anxiety" (Go back and read What is a Weimaraner)

Weimaraners are a highly intelligent breed, that if left to their own devices will develop their own rules of behaviour which their owners will not appreciate. How ever given clear leadership and training they can and are a delight to be around.

A Weimaraner is not for the faint hearted or weak willed who have a "Rose tinted" vision of dog ownership. They are hard work due to their intelligence, they will check and challenge just to see who is really in charge. Get it wrong and you will meet us (or someone like us) when you ask us to re-home your dog.

Get it right and you will never want to own another breed of dog.