From the Left:  Onyx, Mali, Ruby, Crystal and Inca (rear)  


                                                Us walking with the girls                  IMG_6254                                             


IMG_6325      Ruby and Mali "Found it Dad"

                                                 Ruby and Mali last as a pup     Wow she's grown         DSCN1278   

IMG_6329       Mali now 

                        Ruby  so much like her Great Grandmother Opal        IMG_6340

IMG_6349      Onyx  (Mali's Mum)


                                                                                                                         Crystal  (Mali's Grandmother)                                




 DSCN1269                                                             DSCN1276

Our new Baby, Malachite "Mali" for short          Look what I found Mum (Mali at 9 weeks with a Hen Pheasant) 


                         Carol out in the snow with Mali as a Pup Onyx, Crystal, Tosca, Ruby and Inca


                                                                               Crystal & Onyx

 Cassie and Topaz the old ones still hunt, and they did almost up to their last breath. God we miss them.


Walking with Weimaraner's  (If your going to have a gang have a big one!)

Walking with Weimaners






IMG_1812-56    The whole gang in the Garden

                                      Ruby Inca Crystal Mali and Onyx                 IMG_1829-12 


IMG_1860-24    Onyx and her baby Mali. It is hard to believe that the pups are 1 year old!!!

Special thanks to Yvette and John at Genic for these pictures


                     Bosley Zara Ruby Onyx

Bosley (poor boy his whole world has turned Grey) with Zara (back) Ruby and Onyx

                     Inca Onyx Crystal Bosley Ruby Zara

Inca Onyx Crystal Bosley Ruby and Zara (would have been Mali to but she cant sit still)


Inca (our Black Sheep)


Ruby (so much like Opal)


Crystal hard to believe she is 11 this year!


Onyx so like her Mum 


Mali the baby of our gang

                                              Inca who wants to play

Inca       Any one for footy?

                     Ruby Me

Ruby                  Me but I got my own!

                     Onyx I will stick with my bone

Onyx       Carry on I will stick with the bone.