About clasola-weimaraners.co.uk

We saw our first Weimaraner while walking in Chichester in the 1970's, and decided that we would one day own one of these beautiful dogs.

Not straight forward as at that time the breed was a rare sight and the few breeders were protective and very selective of who they allowed to buy a puppy.

After a long search we found a breeder not far from us and after several visits we brought our puppy home, a bit of a shock for our ageing Labrador "Casey"; at her time of life a puppy was the last thing on her agenda.

It did give her a new lease of life though.

Little did we know the impact on our lives that was coming with that innocent looking little bundle of blue eyes and grey fur.

That was to many years ago now and though Amber (our first) is long gone she will always be remembered with a tear in the eye. She lived up to everything in the breed description. Truly elegant and regal, aloof, highly intelligent with a "doggy" sense of humour to try a saint.

We so enjoyed her we decided to breed from her and keep a pup, that was the foundation of our dynasty. We are now on our 11th Generation of hard-working Clasola Weimaraner's.

Time for a "thank you or two" to Margarita Booker, Lisa Brown and Sarah Moxen (sadly no longer with us) for help and support with training in those early days (it really isn't a Labrador).

To the Weimaraner Club Committee for the help and knowledge we gained from you and the support so generously given. 

We had owned and succesfully trained our dogs before Amber came into our lives, make no mistake Weimaraners are a breed apart. Get it right and you will never want to own another breed. Get it wrong (even a tiny bit wrong) and they are more than capable of reducing even an "experienced" dog owner to a quivering wreck.

Happily with support from those above we got it right.

Our dogs and their siblings have been shown with some success by us and others. They have been worked under the gun and in the beating line by us over all types of terrain; from moorland to woodland, across plough, stubble, white grass and cover crop. In all weather and conditions, they never falter, they never give up and they never cease to delight and amaze me.

Friends who have brought pup's from us have also had success in the Field, Working Trials and with Agility. The Weimaraner is truly a versatile breed.

Through our dogs we have met the most amazing people, widened our circle of friends and enriched our lives and we hope they will continue to do so for many years to come.